Ants' Lifeboat

These ants in a video have a mission to accomplish: to transport their queen and their larvae through and over the water using and turning themselves into a lifeboat!

Watch their extra ordinary feat as they cross over the water without fear of the danger waiting ahead: the fish that may devour them, the flow of the currents, and the strong winds that may get them away from safety.

Notice these ants closely as they frantically and decisively working towards their goal… and without being commanded, each one working like a possessed being...



One thing that will allow you to give what you have is when you’re in-love or you’re loving somebody. The BEST example of the act of giving because of love was already shown in the Bible and it says,

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting
life.” -John 3:16

This act of giving because of love have no criminal intent. Because of love you will give for others to live. You will act as donor with something to give because you know that somebody (acceptor) needs it. And the acceptors’ duty and part to play is to believe and receive your gift.

What will be the reaction and feelings of the donor, and what will happen if the acceptor refused to believe and accept the gift you are giving?

If the part to play by these orphans and elderly were the acceptors, when they refused to believe and accept the gift that you are giving, they may die of thirst, hunger, and sorrows.

Therefore the act of refusing to give (when you have something to give ) when you know that somebody needs it for them to live is an act with criminal intent…

The ULTIMATE act that God may give because of love is to donate or give His only begotten Son for people to live an everlasting life.

We can give cash, foods, used clothes, scraps, prayers, moral supports, blood, body parts and organs, and even our own life all because we love them who need our donations and gifts for them to live a very short life here on earth…

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